Semi-automatic pallet wrapper with film pre-stretch and film cutter

 Pallet packer is the machine for wrapping pallet goods with stretch film. But it can be more efficient if there is less labour is required for the machine’s operation and running. This is the reason for we to development this economical automatic pallet wrap machine. This is an automatic […]

BOP valve body tipper and flipper

 BOP valve body is the very important components used in pipe transportation system. This products is commmonly used for infrastructure and industries such as petroleum, natural gas, chemical……It’s the joint of the pipe system which for connecting pipes and valves. For the production of this part, the process requires […]

Large orbital wrapping machine for gypsum board six sides packing

Large orbital stretch wrapper

Gypsum board is a widely used material for construction and decoration,  the material is easy to produce and the raw material is available to found everywhere in the world with large amount. Based on the huge demand and reliable supply of the raw material, therefore the capacity of the gypsum […]

Gypsum ceiling packing machine by thermo shrink wrapping

Gypsum ceiling thermo packing machine

The gypsum ceiling is the material used for interior decoration, it has it’s special advantages such as cheap price, light weight, bright color….. The gypsum ceiling has a very big sale due to the large use of this cheap material. So, the production of this material is fast and large […]

Iron board thermo shrink packing machine

 With heat oven and thermo sealing blade, this side sealing and thermo shrink wrapping machine is perfect for packing boards and panel related products such as iron board, children foam mat, mirror, canvas, photo frame. The machine has continous motion for sealing the sides of the package before shrinking […]