Advantages of high-speed online orbital ring pallet wrapping machine

There are many types of in-line pallet stretch wrapping machines, and their use scenarios are slightly different. For example, Heineken Beer, Vinda Tissues, and China Tobacco have all chosen high-speed orbital ring pallet wrapping machines as the equipment in the pallet wrapping and packaging section. What advantages does it have that can be favored by these large companies?

The high-speed online orbital ring pallet wrapping machine, as the name suggests, is working by the orbital ring. Compared with the rotary arm pallet wrapper and online turntable pallet stretch wrapping machine which the goods need to rotate with the turntable. It is more stable; compared to the cantilever type, it is more efficient. This is often a big point that large companies need to consider.

First of all, let’s look at its efficiency. For standard orbital ring pallet wrapping machines, it can reach an efficiency of up to 90 pallets per hour, which is much higher than that of other types of in-line pallet wrapping machines, which only have a packaging efficiency of 35~45. This is for customers who need high efficiency. Save floor space, and only one device is required for the work that previously required two devices to complete. This kind of packaging efficiency is also difficult to find similar equipment in market.

Looking at its stability again, because it is a rotating by an orbital ring, the cargo does not need to rotate, which can ensure the overall stability of the cargo. A complete set of servo motors are used to control the operations such as up and down, rotation, and film ejection, which can more accurately adjust the entire operating state of the equipment and ensure its safety and stability in all aspects.

The last thing is its compatibility. The ring type pallet wrapping machine can be equipped with a variety of supporting facilities. Whether it is a paper corner protector or a topping device, it can be implemented in the same station, saving floor space.

The high-speed online orbital ring pallet wrapping machine is suitable for factories that require fast wrapping speed and a large amount of goods. The use of smarter and more efficient equipment to replace traditional tasks that need to be done manually is inevitably a general trend today.

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