carton unpacker and box unpacking machine

The automatic box opening machine is an indispensable one of the downstream packaging equipment. However, many users are unprofessional when purchasing this large-scale packaging equipment, and many details of the purchase are not understood. From a professional point of view, I would like to share with you what are the purchase guides for the automatic box unpacking machine, and I hope it will be helpful to your future purchase work.

box unpacking machine
box unpacking machine

1. The size of the carton that the unpacking machine can adapt to. Many users don’t understand, isn’t the size of the unpacking machine adjustable? The size can be adjusted, but the adjustment range is also limited and not infinitely adjustable, so the user needs to provide both the maximum and minimum size of the carton.

2. Work efficiency. The working efficiency of the box opening machine is also the box opening speed. The box opening speed is also called the box opening efficiency. This is a problem that all users are more concerned about. The confirmation of this technical index will determine which box opening machine the user should choose.

3. The speed of changing cartons. In principle, the box opener is most suitable for frequent openings of cartons of the same specification. If the user has a large variety of cartons but the number of open boxes is particularly small, then it is not recommended to use a fully automatic box opener, or you can choose to open the box. The most numerous types of cartons are fully automatically opened, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

4. The problem of matching with other equipment such as palletizer and carton sealer. There are no specific conditions for this precaution, because the equipment that needs to be coordinated at the end of the unpacking machine is different, and the matters that need to be paid attention to are also different.

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