Thermo shrink packing machine

Product Introduction

Thermo shrink packing machine
Thermo shrink packing machine for packing cartons, beverage, foods….

The product can be widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, hardware, wood products, stationery, printing products, plastic products, glass products, electronic components and other products of a single, polymerization or combination packaging.


Electronic continuously variable transmission, stable and reliable, long life, low noise.
Far-infrared quartz heating tube, continuous working in the infrared radiation. Strong wind circulation makes the temperature of the heating chamber more uniform and saves energy.
The transmission part adopts a high-power DC motor, which can change speeds and carry higher speeds at the same time. It can work  for a long time stably.

Product Details
Automatic Shrink Packager, Thermo Shrinking Machine


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