carpet roll can be packed by shrink wrap machine and stretch wrap machine

Consisted of an upper layer which attached to a backing the carpet is a textile floor covering. Generally the pile can be made of wool or any manmade fibre such as nylon and polyester.
Made by a piece of thick woven fabric, maybe is wool or cotton, hemp or straw…..It’s commonly used as a covering for floor which is sewed together and sometimes need to be nailed into the floor. Originally, it’s also a cover for tables which can be distinguished from rug and mat.

For the preservation, the carpet should avoid moisture and damp environment as the material are easy to get wet. Usually, they will be packed as a roll. How to keep the carpet roll dry and clean is very important for sellers as they need to sell good products to the customers.
Emanpack has both shrink wrap machine and stretch wrap machine for packing carpet rolls. The machine will seal the rolls by heat sealing blade, which the motion is continual and effective. The sealed rolls will be shrinked by heat oven which will make the package very tight and sealed, able to avoid vapor and dust. For stretch wrapping machine, there will be V shape roll table for the inlet and outlet which in-feed and out-feed conveyors to better fix the carpet roll during stretch wrapping.