inline steel coil upender machine

The coil turning machine manufactured by Emanpack provides a simple and effective method for rotating molds, steel coils, paper rolls and other heavy or large loads by 90 degrees. We can manufacture customized heavy-duty turnover machines according to the capacity and functions required by users. It is widely used in various production and maintenance applications.

Used to tilt coils of different materials and different weights from a vertical position to a horizontal position, or from a horizontal position to a vertical position, to realize safe loading and unloading and movement. The coil upender machine is sturdy and durable, easy to operate and maintain. The tipper can be manufactured according to the tonnage required by the user.

Machine functions and features:

  1. Sturdy steel bar welding steel structure.
  2. Four-roller device wrapped with polyamide adhesive.
  3. The use of industrial reducer makes the transmission power of the machine safer and more stable.
  4. Special double-chain transmission, helical gear and worm reducer.
  5. The machine can be stopped at any position; the object will remain at the current position.
  6. It can be equipped with a conveyor or a movable V-shaped workbench, which is convenient for loading and unloading.
  7. The size of the machine loading platform made according to the coil size.
  8. The conveyor roller can be used to load and unload objects.

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