coil and reel stretch wrap packaging machine

Wuxi Emanpack Machinery is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the design, R&D and manufacturing of stretch wrapping related packaging equipment. The main products are reel packaging machines, coil stretch wrap machines, sealing machines and other series of packaging equipment.

Now the we will share with you the control system of the coil and reel stretch wrap packaging machine:

1. The drag rollers and guard rollers of the reel packaging machine in contact with the surface of the steel belt are all treated with polyurethane encapsulation.

2. The turning ring body adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the overlap degree of the stretch wrap can be adjusted according to the packaging requirements.

3. Touch screen man-machine interface: as long as you enter the outer diameter, inner diameter, and width of the steel strip/steel coils randomly, the microcomputer system automatically sets the length and number of windings.

4. With labeling function, the packaging is firmer, and the company brand can be printed to prevent counterfeiting.

5. Easy to operate, display automatic working status randomly, and display fault content in Chinese/English and other languages are possible.

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