mechanical-upender-02 (1)
the coil tipper with cutout designed for tilting and flipping steel coils

1. Coil tipper with a motorized V-saddle, this coil tipper is for moving the coil and snug it up to the pallet prior to the tipping process, it will prevent the steel coil to slid down while it’s tipped or flipped.

2. Coil tipper with a motorized pallet adjuster which is to help with the centering of the steel coils on pallets when tipping and flipping different sized coils with a large/wide range of diameters.

3. Coil tipper with a C-hook slot or a cutout for coil grab, this type of coil upender is for loading with the crane or hoist by using the C-hook or motorized coil grab. The slot is for preventing the collision which could happen between the C-hook and tilter and the cutout is for motorized coil grab interfacing with the upender.

4. Coil tippers with structural set offs which is for the use to support unique shaped loads, such as heavy roll conveyor and light roller conveyor.

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