Double station coil wrapper machine

Double station coil wrapping machine is a new type of winding packaging equipment designed and manufactured for metallurgical industry. It is widely used in winding of copper tape, steel strip, steel coil, aluminum tape, bearing, steel wire, welding wire, cable, tire, hose and other kinds of annular objects through the eye of coils with stretch film or composite paper.

After winding packaging, the product not only has beautiful appearance, but also has good moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti rust, anti-aging, anti accidental damage and other functions.

Machine features:

  • It can be vertical or horizontal as required.
  • It can be controlled automatically or semi automatically.
  • Can choose to wear inside or outside.
  • High resistance film polyurethane friction wheel and sliding body are used as integral casting structure.
  • The sliding body can move up and down to adapt to products with different inner diameter and outer diameter.
  • The synchronous winding mechanism can be selected to complete the synchronous winding of two different packaging materials at the same time.
  • It can use woven tape, winding film, non-woven fabric, plastic tape, composite paper tape, linen tape and other packaging materials.
  • Adopt unique tension adjustment mechanism. The tightness and overlap of packaging can be adjusted according to needs.
  • The carrier roller and guard roller can be coated according to the actual needs.

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