Economic pile turner-min

For people who are working in the digital printing industry, it is 100% true that pile turner is a familiar machine for them. Most of their printing work requires the two sides of paper to be printed. So, instead of flipping the paper pile little by little, using the pile turner could help them to finish the flipping in one time, make the work to be more efficient.

Cheap pile turner machine made in China


Pile turner has multiple functions, including turn over the whole paper piles at once, clear out the dust, impurities by air blowing to improve the quality of printing. It also makes very good aligning for the paper pile, scatter the layers which sticked together. Making the pile feeding at the feeder more smoothly and prevent the double layer printing to happen.

But the pile turner is a very expensive machine. In terms of small business and workshops, this equipment could be unaffordable and unreasonable to invest as they often have very small throughput and done by manual work mainly. So, what can I do if my business is small and doing the job by manual work?What if I only need a pile turner to help me turn over the whole pile stack in one time?

manual pile turner paper stack flipping tool

This manual pile turner could be the most suitable equipment for you. Compare to the pile turner machine, it only reply on manpower. This hand tool has very unique design, there is a half round shape structure with wheels and clamps. The fork suits most pallets and the two clamps can slid on the rails. Slowly turn over the piles by just few simple procedures, pull—push—lift. The equipment is safe and efficient to use, give you great help. Most importantly it’s a cheap tool which is affordable to everyone.