Gypsum boards are the most used material for house construction and decoration, it’s cheap and easy to use for making different projects. But there are drawbacks of the gypsum boards which is the vulnerability to water and moisture damages. For the manufactuers, they normally produce tons of new gypsum boards everyday and will stock for a long time. So, the package of the gypsum boards is a very necessary and important procedure for their new products.

The gypsum boards are stacked in large bundle layer by layer, which may exceed 100 pieces and the height is more than 1 meter. How to make this massive bundle fully wrapped and sealed is a very difficult question. But, the orbital wrapping machine with conveyorized turntable is just the machine to accomplish the goal.

This orbital stretch wrapping machine is able to do both horizontal and vertical stretch wrapping. Conveyorized turntable is able to rotated the product, fully automated wrapping process to save lots of costs on labour.

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