bundle wrapping machine for tube and pipe

The application of orbital steel tube wrapping machine:

Horizontal steel pipe wrapping machine is specially used for winding steel pipes, plastic pipes, copper pipes, profiles, steel bars, panels and other long shapes of horizontal objects. The packed package is well protected and sealed and looks neater.

Machine installation:

The machine should be installed on a flat and hard ground, and the ground load should be greater than 1 ton/square meter.

orbital steel tube and pipe wrapping machine
orbital steel tube and pipe wrapping machine

Basic operation of the orbital wrapper machine:

  • Lift the tube bundle to the front conveyor line and prepare for packaging. After the packaging is completed, lift the packaged tube from the rear conveyor line.
  • The packing process of the next row should start after the back line is removed.
  • Manually bind, fix and cut packaging materials.

Basic Features of the orbital wrapper:

  • The double-ring double friction wheel system makes the wrapping more secure, stable and full of vitality.
  • Automatic PLC programmable control system.
  • Two working modes of both automatic and semi-auto are available.
  • Use photoelectric sensors to fix the packaging position.
  • When a fault occurs, the indicator will automatically alarm.
  • The steering ring is controlled by the frequency converter.
  • The overlap rate of packaging materials can be adjusted as needed.
  • Soft stop and soft start function.
  • The tension of the packaging material can be adjusted.
  • The independent control panel makes operation and maintenance easy.
  • Press down the equipment and support roller to fix the packaging position.
  • Automatic feeding and cutting system
  • The packaging position is reset.
  • The protective fence ensures safe operation.
  • Can be equipped with automatic feeding and cutting systems for unmanned operation.

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