PET strap belt for pallet strapping

PET strap belt is the most used strapping material for pallet strapping because of the heavy weight and strong force of the pallet loads. It’s suitable to be used on the horizontal pallet baler and vertical pallet strapping machine.

Is there only green color for PET strap belt? When asked this question, you must be a little bit confused. Yes, we see the most green PET plastic-steel straps in the market, and we have rarely seen colored plastic-steel straps, so can PET plastic-steel straps be customized? Do you make a color specifically? The answer is yes.

In fact, not all PET plastic steel belts are green, some are black. The black plastic strap belt is made by the packing belt manufacturer adding black fuel and additives on the basis of the green PET plastic steel belt. This production method not only improves the performance of PET, but also makes the color of the tape different.
It is integrated with the packaging. The printing and dyeing process of black plastic steel belt wastes part of the raw materials, so its price is generally higher than that of ordinary plastic steel belt.

colorful PET strap belt
colorful PET strap belt

In addition to green and black, after years of research and experimentation, we can also make yellow and red plastic steel belts, which are beautiful and have the same quality as green PET plastic strap belts. We welcome new and old customers to come and order.

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