KZ series semi-automatic pallet packer

Product introduction of the semi-automatic pallet packer:

The KZ series semi-automatic pallet packer is a semi-automatic packer specially designed for pallet products. When using it, the machine guide rail must be pushed to the bottom of the pallet. When the packing operation is completed, the guide rail will be folded back to the machine to be fixed for easy movement. ,high working efficiency.

Performance characteristics of the semi-automatic pallet packer:
·New integrated circuit: use the access type PC board to control the whole packing action.
·Ultra bass design: the whole machine has a complete and mature combination, extremely low noise, and reduces work pressure.
·Instant heating: heating within 5 seconds, you can enter the best packaging state.
·Automatic stop, power saving and practical: Standby state when the machine stops within 60 seconds after the packing action is completed.
·The new generation of electric heating steel sheet design: no deformation and short circuit characteristics.
·Wide range of packaging applications: any strapping in the market, and from 6mm to 15mm, the best bonding effect.

Technical parameter:

Binding force

Binding speed
2.5 seconds/track

Applicable strap width
9, 12, 15mm

power supply
110/220V. 50/60HZ. Simplex


Machine size

Machine weight

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