Large MDF bundle are commonly wrapped by stretch wrap machine

MDF has high density than plywood normally. It usually can be used as building material just similar to the plywood application although it’s made up from separated fibres. Comparing to particle board, the MDF is much stronger and more dense.
The similar processes are also used for making other types of fibreboard, but MDF has the typical density which is 600-800kg/m³ which equals to 0.022–0.029 lb/in3. This figure in the contrast of particle board which is 160–450 kg/m³ and to high-density fibreboard which is about 600–1,450 kg/m³.

These high quality and performance make the MDF became a very popular and practical material for construction and decoration. The huge amount of production and sales has emerged the needs and demand for a fast and productive packing machine.

In Emanpack we proovide various solutions for MDF packaging. The shrink wrapping machine is for single or small quantity packed MDF bundles. Horizontal orbital wrapping machine are commonly used to wrap high and large MDF bundles by stretch wrap, which the panel may stack to 2 meter high.

We also have a six sides wrapping machine which consists of horizontal orbital wrapping machine and on-line pallet wrapping machine. This packing line able to fully wrap large MDF bundle from two directions automatically.

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