Pile turner is a turnover machinery used in paper printing industry

Through the perfect combination of vibration system, air blowing system, hydraulic system and electric control system, the pile turner is a machine which realizes the four functions of paper pile dust removal, paper arranging, paper loosening and turning. It not only automatically completes the turning of the paper pile, but also realizes the neatness of the paper pile and pallet changing, which saves labor and avoids the influence of manual operation on the surface of the printed matter. It is a necessary auxiliary equipment in the printing process.

The base is the main support structure of the machine, and it adopts a box-shaped design;

Use thick-arm square pipes and use tooling welding to ensure accurate welding dimensions;

After welding, use a vibration aging machine to remove the stress generated by the parts during the welding process, and at the same time ensure the firmness of the welding;

All the sheets are cut by flame cutting machine, large-scale bending machine is accurately bent, and the processing adopts boring of gantry machining center to ensure that the relative position and size of each hole are accurate;

By adjusting the stop rule, the paper stack (relative to the pallet) can be centered;

The fan is turned on to start blowing, the nozzle moves forward, and automatically rotates when it reaches the edge, completing the blowing of the entire paper;

The vibration system can assist in loosening and aligning the paper during the blowing process to make the paper stack more even;

Using original imported brand hydraulic cylinder, no oil leakage/oil leakage, power increase by 40%, stable and reliable work;

The whole machine is controlled by PLC, with simple circuit, many functions, few failure points and easy troubleshooting.

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