plywood panel flipping machine-bundle upender

Plywood is one of the most used materials in modern furniture manufacturing. It has many advantages such as low price, good compressive performance, strong nail retention, flat shape and not easy to deform, etc. It is widely used in the production of modern style furniture, especially in the customization of high-end private cabinets.

The process of making furniture using plywood as a wood material is more complicated. The boards need to be veneered on both sides, but most of the time producers use pre-finished plywood, which is a plywood that does not need to be refinished for use. The decorated plywood will be cut and drilled on the machine after precise measurement and line drawing. The processed panel is then edge-sealed to prevent moisture damage to the sheet during use. The finished panels will be packaged by bundling machine and shipped to the customer’s site for assembly into cabinets, etc.

During this process, the work of decorating the plywood requires the operator to turn the panel 180 degrees. The length of plywood is generally about 2.5 meters, and the weight also exceeds the limit that ordinary manpower can bear. How to turn plywood panels more conveniently and effortlessly, we have been researching and designing.

This plywood bundle upender machine is an effective solution to this operational difficulty. The machine uses hydraulic power to clamp the bundle, and the circular flip body rotates 180 degrees with the bundle driven by the chain and motor. Compared with the manual flipping of panels one by one, the efficiency of this equipment is doubled while flipping the entire stack of plywood.

At the same time, we also provide a variety of designs. For customers who use forklifts to load and unload, we will install a rotating device at the bottom of the machine, so that the forklift master does not need to run back and forth on both sides of the machine. For large manufacturers, the trend is generally towards fully automated solutions. We will transform the platform of the machine and install the roller conveyor, so that the machine can be connected with the customer’s panel press, laminating machine, cutting machine and other equipment, reducing manual labor, improving production efficiency, and further improving factory production capacity, At the same time, labor costs continue to decline.

This plywood turn over machine can not only be used in the production process of plywood, but also used with particleboard, bamboo fragrant board, melamine board and other boards, and it is also suitable for flipping larger stainless steel sheets.