Premium horizontal orbital adhesive tape wrapping machine made in China

The horizontal orbital adhesive tape wrapping machine is one of the horizontal spiral wrapping machine which uses one sided adhesive tape to package case articles like boxes, cartons, trays, short bundles and foam cases……..

For the enhance of the this horizontal orbital tape wrapping machine performance, we choose to use servo motor to the driven system of the orbital ring, which is the turning device of the bundle wrapping system. Frequency converters are adopted to control the speed of both in-feeding and out-feeding conveyor belt, to manage the conveying system under the central control of the PLC program. This design and technical advance makes the machine fasts and highly reliable to perform the case sealing, strapping and wrapping for users from all different industries. Using famous and well known brands such as Delta, to ensure the quality of this orbital wrapper is solid and reliable.

There are more upgrades and improvement that we can made as the new demands and requirement coming from our new customers. For instance, the machine is avail to reserve a function of making the plastic handle for cartons and boxes by the wrapping material of BOPP and other adhesive tape when there is no existing handles to use. It might be a convenient solution for both the manufacturers and buyers to get a better service feeling.

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