pallet packer

Pallet packer is the machine for wrapping pallet goods with stretch film. But it can be more efficient if there is less labour is required for the machine’s operation and running. This is the reason for we to development this economical automatic pallet wrap machine.

This is an automatic pallet wrap machine which has pre-stretch function and automatic film cutter. Only for the first time, the machine requires the operator to load the stretch wrap manually by hands. The film cutter can clamp and cut the stretch film after one turn of wrapping is finished. It also will reload the film in the next turn. The film will be cut by instant heat wire, and a sweep will press and brush the film cut ends, make it stick to the package more tightly.

Remote switch is equipped, only one forklift driver is required for the operation of this pallet stretch wrapping machine. Also available to add the ramp to this machine, which able to load and unload by a pallet jack or pallet truck to the turntable of this pallet wrap machine.

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