The gypsum ceiling is a largely used material for decoration and construction. Both the consumption and production is very huge. Due to the gypsum material characteristics, the gypsum ceiling is also very easy to be damaged by vapor. So, the package of this material needs to be tightly packed and sealed for against the moisture and dust.

This side sealing thermo shrink wrap machine is good in it’s efficiency and capacity. The machine is fast enough to catch up with large packing capacity and the package is shrank tight and transparent. Fully closed wrapping will not allow any vapor or duct enter in to damage the products. Tranparent package keep the best exterior to make a better sale. It’s also a good shrink packaging machine for packing bags, canves, mirror….
Emanpack team is available to make and design more practical and functional packing solutions for your gypsum ceiling, gypsum boards and related products.

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