horizontal bearing stretch wrapping machine

Bearing stretch wrapper machine application scenarios:

This winding baler is suitable for through-the-core packaging of large bearings, steel coils, copper coils, steel wire coils, cable coils, water pipe coils, corrugated pipe coils, etc. The packaging has good protection and airtightness and a neat appearance. Can greatly improve work efficiency, thereby reducing labor costs.

horizontal bearing wrapper machine
horizontal bearing wrapper machine

Basic Features of this bearing wrapping machine:

1. The movable packing station is convenient for loading and unloading of the bearing.

2. Using PLC program to automatically control the operation of the machine.

3. The speed of the ring and friction wheel is adjusted by the frequency converter, which is simple and convenient.

4. The overlap rate of the packaging tape can be adjusted by changing the speed.

5. The tension of the packaging tape/stretch film is adjustable.

6. Different packaging materials can be selected.

7. The roller is wrapped by polyurethane to protect the surface of the object.

8. Side rollers are used for packaging operations to prevent engineering shaking.

9. The packaging material is automatically cut by the cutter device.

10. When a fault occurs, the indicator light automatically alarms.

11. The friction between the friction wheels is adjustable.

12. Soft start and soft stop ensure safe operation.

13. Automatic reset function of packaging position.

14. Simple machine structure design, extremely convenient operation and maintenance.