Robotic Pallet Wrapper

self propelled pallet wrapping robot

It is an automatic self propelled robotic pallet stretch wrapper which is suitable for wrapping pallet loads with extremely large dimensions and super heavy weight. This machine is powered by battery, available to work in workshops with inconvenient electricity connection. The working mode of this machine is highly automated, reduce the costs of labor and improve the work efficiency.

Features of the machine:

  • Less limitation for load’s dimension and weight, suitable for wrapping big pallets;
  • Pre-stretching function enables the machine to make tighter wrapping and saves more stretch film;
  • Automatic sensoring by photoelectricity to detect the loads and induct the top of the loads;
  • Safety bumper stops machine in case of when collision happens;
  • Improves the wrapping speed and work efficiency, saves labour costs for owners;
  • Avoid the possible back injuries for the workers as there is no bending needed.

Machine’s parameter:

Pallet dimensionMin: 600*600mm-unlimited
Wrapping height2400/2800mm
Stretch film rollID: 76mm, Width: 500mm
Pre-stretch ratio230%/300%
Running speed90m/min

Video of this machine: