spring actuated pallet level loader

Manual pallet loading and unloading is a routine task performed by millions of workers around the world every day and involves lifting, bending, stretching, reaching, and carrying heavy objects. All this labor can cause worker fatigue and back strain. And a simple and cost-effective solution to these problems may be to use an automatic spring actuated pallet level loader.

To use this PalletPal level loader, simply place it in the area where you want to load or unload pallets. Built-in fork slots make moving the PalletPal level loader a breeze.

This simple device automatically lowers or raises when boxes are added or removed from the pallet. The top level of the box is always at a convenient and almost effortless height to reach. When the box on the side closest to the operator is removed, the operator can access the box that was once on the other side of the pallet by rotating the turntable.

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With the top layer unloaded, the load rises slightly and can be easily handled without bending or stretching. As the box is removed, the springs continue to expand, bringing the third level to a comfortable and convenient height. Spring actuated pallet level loaders give workers 360-degree access to cargo in two ways. Firstly through the manual turntable and secondly through the unique design in which all components are contained within the diameter of the equipment’s turntable.

The spring actuated pallet level loader can accommodate a very wide range of load weights as it can be equipped with five different spring configurations. Although most users will choose a single spring configuration and never need to change it. However, if the weight of the load changes significantly, the configuration can be changed to accommodate the different load weight by removing the bayonet and adding or subtracting springs.

Sturdy platform cover for lightly damaged pallets. Adjustable leveling feet for uneven floors. Custom finishes include special paint colors, chemical-resistant coatings, two-part epoxy hot-dip galvanizing, and even stainless steel construction. There may be other options and accessories available that allow you to customize your spring actuated pallet level loader to your specific needs. So if your operation involves manual loading and unloading of pallets, provide your employees with this PalletPal level loader and they’ll get the job done faster, safer, and easier.

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