Pallet handling equipments including pallet wrapper machine and pallet inverters are made by us in China

The pallet handling equipments can be crucial to the warehouse management due to the common forms of pallet stocking and transfering. How to protect and manage the goods which on pallets, need us to have good packing machines and accessory equipments. The stretch wrapping machine is an efficient pallet packer […]

Cheap and functional semi-auto pallet wrapper made in China

pallet packer

Semi-automatic turntable pallet stretch wrapping machine with PLC control and frequency converters Machine features: PLC control system, photoelectricity for sensoring, automatic control system. Turntable withstand heavy loads and capacity. Motor speed controlled and protected by frequency converters. Film carriage move upwards and downwards driven by motor. Pre-stretch ratio for 250%/300%, […]

Semi-automatic pallet wrapper with film pre-stretch and film cutter

 Pallet packer is the machine for wrapping pallet goods with stretch film. But it can be more efficient if there is less labour is required for the machine’s operation and running. This is the reason for we to development this economical automatic pallet wrap machine. This is an automatic […]