Classification of different packaging methods and material

Classification of different packaging methods and material

About the packaging classification, most people don’t know much about it. In fact, there are many types of packaging based on the packaging methods and packing material: Below, Wuxi Emancipator Machinery Co., Ltd will introduce the major categories of packaging as follows: 1. According to the material, it is divided […]

The development of e-commerce poses new challenges for carton sealing machines

The development of e-commerce poses new challenges for carton sealing machines

With the rapid development of the network economy, e-commerce business is becoming more and more prosperous. People can buy their desired products without leaving home. This has become the first choice for young people in the new era. This move has undoubtedly promoted a new type of industry. For the […]

What is a good packaging machine for insulation board and panel bundles?

What is a good packaging machine for insulation board and panel bundles?

Heat shrink packaging is a popular packaging method currently used in the daily chemical industry. It uses shrink film to wrap the outside of the product, and then heat it to shrink the packaging material to wrap the product tightly, fully demonstrating the display ability of the item, and increasing […]

What are the key features of the shrink wrap packer?

L bar thermal shrink wrap packer machine

The key features of the SW-L series shrink wrap packer machine: Power output: 1.35kw  Voltage : 220V/380V Max shrink wrapping height: 120mm  Max shrink packaging size: 300*400mm The width of the shrink wrapping film: 330mm  Belt width of the conveyor: 500mm Heat sealing blade width: 500*400mm  Height of the conveyor:780+50mm […]

Roll shrink wrapping machine for packing carpet rolls and roofing rolls

carpet roll shrink wrapping machine

The roll shrink wrapping machine is an automatic packaging equipment, specially used for rolled objects such as blanket rolls, cloth rolls, carpet rolls, roofing material etc., The machine adopts roller table for the in-feeding of roll products. Available to integrate with customer’s production line or packing line. Thermal sealing blade […]

Automatic flow Sealer Shrink Packing Machine for Products With Tray

Flow packaging machine for trays

Main Performance And Structure Features: For Stable Performance: Dual inverters controller, upgradable PLC system, self-failure diagnosis, double encoder. For Easy Operation: Touch screen monitor, independant temperature PID controller, For Adapability: one set of machine can be applicated to different kind of product via optional devices, such as air-filling device, feeding […]

Gypsum Board Ceiling Tiles Automatic Heat Shrink Packing Machine

Quick Details Type: Wrapping Machine Packaging Type: Bags, Barrel, Belt, Bottles, CANS, Capsule, Cartons, case, Film, Foil, Pouch, Stand-up Pouch Driven Type: Electric Packaging Material: Glass, metal, Paper, plastic, wood Applicable Industries: Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Retail, Food Shop, […]

Side sealing thermo shrink wrapping machine for gypsum ceiling package

side sealing shrink wrapping machine for packing gypsum ceiling

The gypsum ceiling is a largely used material for decoration and construction. Both the consumption and production is very huge. Due to the gypsum material characteristics, the gypsum ceiling is also very easy to be damaged by vapor. So, the package of this material needs to be tightly packed and […]