Pallet Flipper

180 degree pallet flipper machine with ramp for pallet truck loading

Floor level based platform with lifting motion, this pallet flipper is good to use without forklift. Loading and unloading the loads by pallet truck / pallet jack, with the ramp for assistance. It is a suitable flipping equipment used for changing pallets with light loads and consistent heights.

Features of the machine:

  • Floor level loading and unloading, doesn’t require the forklift;
  • Single clamp with fast clamping speed;
  • Hydraulic system to power the machine’s clamping, rotation;
  • Both 90 degree and 180 degree flipping are optional for various use in different area;
  • Guardrail is adopted surround the machine to prevent aliens to get inside the dangerous zone.

Machine’s parameter:

Max load1.0 tons
Pallet dimension800*800/1200*1200mm
Jaw opening1070-1890mm
Turn over speed30-40 sec/time
Power supply380V, 50Hz, 3Ph

Video of this machine: