Online Pallet Wrapper With Film Dispenser

Online automatic turntable pallet stretch wrapping machine with top film dispenser

Online turntable pallet stretch wrapping machine, fully automatic pallet wrapping machine with top film dispenser to apply a layer of thick PE film on the top of pallet loads before stretch wrapping, make the loads are fully wrapped. It’s suitable for packing goods which are going to place in the outside, against the rain and dust.

Features of the machine:

  • High load ability of the turntable to bear heavy weight over 2 tons;
  • Pre-stretching function enables the machine to make tighter wrapping and saves more stretch film;
  • Automatic sensoring by photoelectricity to detect the loads and induct the top of the loads;
  • Online pallet wrapper with motorized roller conveyor to connect with front packing line;
  • Top film dispenser apply PE film to the top to fully wrap the pallets;
  • Improves the wrapping speed and work efficiency, saves labour costs for owners;
  • Avoid the possible back injuries for the workers as there is no bending needed.

Machine’s parameter:

Pallet dimension80*800-1200*1200mm/Customized
Wrapping height2000/2400/2800mm
Max load2 tons
Stretch film rollID: 76mm, Width: 500mm
Pre-stretch ratio250%/300%
Turntable speed12-15rpm

Video of this machine: