What is Stretch Hood and How It Packs the Palletized loads?

pallet stretch hood machine from China

Stretch hood is an efficient all-in-one packaging method that is more sustainable, has lower operating costs and uses less energy. It is pulled open from four angles by the stretch hooder, covering the entire loads from top to bottom, with high elasticity and high clamping force. Excellent tear and puncture […]

What does Pre-stretch Film Wrapping Different from Conventional Stretch Wrapping?

pre-stretch pallet wrapping machine film carriage-min

Stretch wrapping machine is divided into conventional post stretch type and pre-stretch type based on the different structures of the film carriage. The conventional post stretch film carriage mainly relies on the tension between the wrapped object itself and the film carriage(wrap head) to extend the stretch film and wrap […]

Special Rotary Arm Wrap Machine with Single Column

Things you need to know about end-of-line-packaging

The single-column rotary arm wrapping machine is distinguished from the traditional gantry-type rotary arm wrapping machine. The traditional rotary arm wrapping machine is fixed by a frame composed of four columns, and uses a top slewing support structure to drive the suspension and rotary arm to rotate to achieve stretch […]