Special Rotary Arm Wrap Machine with Single Column

Things you need to know about end-of-line-packaging

The single-column rotary arm wrapping machine is distinguished from the traditional gantry-type rotary arm wrapping machine. The traditional rotary arm wrapping machine is fixed by a frame composed of four columns, and uses a top slewing support structure to drive the suspension and rotary arm to rotate to achieve stretch […]

The reason for choosing the rotary arm wrapping machine

The reason for choosing the rotary arm wrapping machine

With the increasing requirements of the packaging equipment in the wrapping industry, the upgrading of wrapping packaging machines is becoming more essential. The typical one is the pallet wrapping machine. Although the sales volume and customer popularity of the pallet wrapping machine is very large and high but there are […]

Rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper 30-60 pallet per hour for heavy goods

rotary arm pallet wrapper

Product description 1.Full-automatic model for operating in-line with other automatic equipment; Suitable for tall stacked loads, which are unstable or too heavy to rotate. 2.Touch screen, PLC easy operation control; Pre-stretch system up to 300% (customized); Auto cut & grab film after wrap finished; Flash light for machine in operation. […]