Advantages of high-speed online orbital ring pallet wrapping machine

Isn’t Buying a Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine Just about Choosing between Semi-automatic and Fully Automatic Models?

Yes, you need to choose between semi-automatic or fully automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines. However, there is a surprising amount of variability and options within each category. Therefore, purchasing a pallet stretch wrapping machine is actually a complicated and painful process. However, taking some time to answer a few simple questions may help you find the right machine that balances your needs, budget, and efficiency.

Here are 9 questions that will help you with some reference and guidance when making your choice. Each of these 9 questions will help you narrow down your pallet stretch wrapper choices and help you focus on options you might need to add.

  1. What are you wrapping objects/products?
  2. What size pallet do you use?
  3. How high are your products stacked?
  4. How much does the heaviest pallet weigh?
  5. What is the weight of the lightest pallet?
  6. Do you need to weigh your goods?
  7. What tools or equipment do you use to place the pallets onto the pallet stretch wrapper? Pallet truck or forklift?
  8. Does your product stick out of the sides of the pallet? If so, what is the magnitude?
  9. How many pallets do you need to wrap per hour?
Pre-stretch model of pallet packer

For stretch wrapping, pallet size matters. Factors such as pallet size, stacking height and load weight can have a big impact on the machine’s optimal operating performance. If you typically use pallets larger than the common 40 x 48 inches pallets, you may need a larger turntable. Using a pallet that extends beyond the turntable area can be dangerous, so it is important to choose a turntable that matches the dimensions of your pallet.

Your stacking height will also affect the size of your machine components. For example, the standard wrapping height for a semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapper is 80 inches. If your stack height is higher than this, you need to consider lengthening the mast of your machine.

Extremely light or heavy loads should also be considered when selecting a pallet stretch wrapper. Pallet stretch wrappers with top platens can be used to stabilize or hold down light or unstable loads. Self-propelled pallet wrapping machines (pallet wrapping robots) are better suited for extremely heavy (over 5,000 pounds) loads.

For more information on the key decisions of purchasing a pallet stretch wrapper, please contact Palletinverter sales representative and we will provide you with relevant data analysis and solutions in a timely and accurate manner.