What is a good packaging machine for insulation board and panel bundles?

What is a good packaging machine for insulation board and panel bundles?

Heat shrink packaging is a popular packaging method currently used in the daily chemical industry. It uses shrink film to wrap the outside of the product, and then heat it to shrink the packaging material to wrap the product tightly, fully demonstrating the display ability of the item, and increasing […]

How to deal with common faults of stretch film packaging machine?

stretch film packaging machine

In the actual production process, due to improper operation, improper maintenance or quality problems of the equipment itself, the stretch film packaging machine will inevitably have some more or less problems or failures. How to correctly predict and detect the cause of the fault, and how to take effective measures […]

Cheap and functional semi-auto pallet wrapper made in China

pallet packer

Semi-automatic turntable pallet stretch wrapping machine with PLC control and frequency converters Machine features: PLC control system, photoelectricity for sensoring, automatic control system. Turntable withstand heavy loads and capacity. Motor speed controlled and protected by frequency converters. Film carriage move upwards and downwards driven by motor. Pre-stretch ratio for 250%/300%, […]

10T mold turnover machine for injection mold flipping

Mold turnover machine is the necessary supplementary facility of the vertical type die spotting machine, and is widely used in die manufacturing, injection molding and die casting.  NCF series die rolling machines produced by the company boast the following features. 1. Safety, reliability, convenient operations and large increase of working […]

Sleeve shrink packing machine for evaporative cooling pads

Known as cellulose or Celldek pads, the evaporative cooling pads mostly are made of cellulose which is corrugated paper and glued in the opposite sequence. It generates air passage through the pads. This evaporative sheet has the good and perfect ability for absorbing the water and is chemically treated to […]

Packing machines for XPS insulation foam panel

Just like the EPS(expanded polystyrene) the XPS( extruded polystyrene) is also a kind of rigid polystyrene panel for wall and roof insulation. It’s a closed cell insulation product which is common to use in renovation and new construction applications. As for the mass production and fast and efficient supply for […]