Special Rotary Arm Wrap Machine with Single Column

Things you need to know about end-of-line-packaging

The single-column rotary arm wrapping machine is distinguished from the traditional gantry-type rotary arm wrapping machine. The traditional rotary arm wrapping machine is fixed by a frame composed of four columns, and uses a top slewing support structure to drive the suspension and rotary arm to rotate to achieve stretch […]

Why there is still Post stretch pallet wrapper?

pallet packer

If you have had the chance to buy a pallet stretch wrapper or maybe just had an inquiry of the pallet stretch wrapping machine, you would have learnt that there are pre-stretch wrapping and post-stretch wrapping film carriages which also can be called as wrap heads. You also should known […]

What are the advantages of the Stretch Film Machine from Emanpack

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At present, when there are more and more manufacturers of stretch film wrapping machines in the market, some of them have very low prices, and some of them have simple structures. Many people don’t know how to choose, and they don’t understand the difference between these. Next, Emanpack will take […]