forklift rotary arm pallet wrapper-min

Pallet wrapping machine is a piece of equipment that can wrap the stacked goods together by stretch film to facilitate fast and convenient transportation.

stretch wrapping machine

There are many types of pallet wrapping machines, among which the more typical one is the turntable pallet stretch wrapper. The main structures include: a mast with a guide rail vertically on it. Mobile film feeding device; the other side of the mast is equipped with a turntable, which can be used for stacking goods and pallets. During operation, the pallet and goods can be placed on the turntable, and then the free end of the film installed on the film feeding device can be pasted and fixed on the bottom edge of the pallet or goods, so that the film wrapping machine can be driven by the power source, the turntable is controlled to drive the goods to rotate in a circle, and simultaneously drive the film feeding device to move up and down at the required height of the goods, so that the film on the film feeding device can be wrapped continuously, achieving the substantial benefits of automatic wrapping.

However, the turntable pallet wrapping machine cannot move freely, so the operator needs to manually transport and shift the goods to the wrapping machine. This also affects the labor costs and the economic benefits of the film wrapping operation. At the same time, the loadability of the turntable is limited, which also limits the application range of this pallet wrapping machine.

moveable rotating arm pallet stretch wrap machine-min

In order to solve such problems, we designed this moveable rotary arm pallet wrapper. This wrapping machine can be randomly moved to the location where the goods need to be wrapped, and has a built-in braking device that can be positioned immobile, and a transmission structure that can automatically perform wrapping operations.

This mobile rotary arm pallet wrapping machine mainly consists of three parts. 1. The mobile main body, which is a pallet truck, can bear the weight of the wrapping machine and realize the function of free movement. 2. Mast. It supports the weight of the rotary arm. 3. Rotary arm. As a core component, it can rotate 360 degrees around the goods with the stretch film roll. The whole pallet of goods can be wrapped and packed without moving.