What to do if the conveyor belt/conveyor belt runs off?

What to do if the conveyor belt/conveyor belt runs off?

Conveyor belt deviation is one of the most common faults during conveyor belt transportation. There are many reasons for deviation. The main reason is low installation accuracy and poor daily maintenance. During the installation process, the head and tail rollers and the intermediate rollers should be on the same centerline […]

Premium horizontal orbital adhesive tape wrapping machine made in China

Premium horizontal orbital adhesive tape wrapping machine made in China

The horizontal orbital adhesive tape wrapping machine is one of the horizontal spiral wrapping machine which uses one sided adhesive tape to package case articles like boxes, cartons, trays, short bundles and foam cases……..  For the enhance of the this horizontal orbital tape wrapping machine performance, we choose to […]

The wise choice for wrapping package of building material and wood


The orbital wrapping machine also named as spiral wrapping machine is the packaging equipment that suitable for building materials, profiles, pipes and other industries. With automatic conveying equipment such as roller table and chain conveyor, the orbital wrapper can realize high-speed automatic unmanned film winding packaging of products, which can […]

Horizontal board panel packaging machine by stretch wrapping

orbital stretch wrapper machine

The horizontal panel packaging machine produced by Wuxi Emancipator Machinery Co., Ltd Company is an automatic orbital packaging machine for efficient packaging production of doors, wood panel, furniture and large products. The cardboard packaging machine can be designed and manufactured according to your specific product size to achieve the best […]

Aluminum profile packaging machine

Orbital stretch wrapper packing aluminum extrusions

The aluminum profile packaging machine developed by Wuxi Emancipator Machinery Co., Ltd company is used for stretch packaging of various profiles and any long products. This is a machine that can make the contours as beautiful and neat as possible; Moreover, it replaces the traditional manual packaging with low efficiency […]

Tube packing machine by orbital stretch wrapping

tube bundles packed by orbital stretch wrapper

This tube packaging machine is widely used to pack steel pipes, plastic pipes, welded pipes, seamless pipes, steel pipes, copper pipes, aluminum pipes, aluminum profiles, bars, plates and other long products into a bundle. The tube can be round, square or rectangular. The wound tube is well sealed and decorated […]

Fully automatic aluminum profile packaging line

automatic aluminum profile bundle packing machine to connect with aluminum profile extrusion line

The System specification of the aluminum profile packing line Rack weighing platform: These are weighing platforms used to capture the weight of the extrusion rack before it is fed into the packaging line. The platform will have a rectangular structure with standard channels and a machined board for mounting load […]

Horizontal orbital steel tube and pipe stretch wrapping machine

bundle wrapping machine for tube and pipe

The application of orbital steel tube wrapping machine: Horizontal steel pipe wrapping machine is specially used for winding steel pipes, plastic pipes, copper pipes, profiles, steel bars, panels and other long shapes of horizontal objects. The packed package is well protected and sealed and looks neater. Machine installation: The machine […]

Gypsum boards packing solutions by orbital stretch wrapper

Gypsum boards are the most used material for house construction and decoration, it’s cheap and easy to use for making different projects. But there are drawbacks of the gypsum boards which is the vulnerability to water and moisture damages. For the manufactuers, they normally produce tons of new gypsum boards […]

Orbital wrapping machine for aluminium extrusion

Product Application Semi-Automatic Orbital Stretch film wrapping machine SCR-120AC model is wrapping machine especially for furniture, window and door. SCR-120AC has two options for customer that semi-automatic function and full-automatic function. Semi-automatic function as like conveyor uses gravity table,film cut&clamp manually, top pressers fixes manually and Automatic function usually include […]