Wrapping machine uses less energy than shrink wrapper

Horizontal wrapping machine-orbital wrapper

As a supplier of automatic packaging machine, we would like to give you some introduction of the advantages and characteristics of the cold wrapping packaging equipment. This series of cold stretch wrapping machinery is designed to meet strict energy efficiency standards and reduce overhead, while always ensuring the excellent productivity […]

What is industrial packaging?

Large orbital stretch wrapper

The industrial packaging is commonly defined as the package which provides the temporary protection and preservation for products in bale package with large quantity and high scales. Expending the function of the industrial packaging, it also includes functions of protecting the products for transportation, storage and delivery until to the […]

Automatic packing machine helps furniture packaging and save costs

Automatic orbital wrapper with top film dispenser and thermal sealing blade for furniture wrapping

In today’s market, the improtance of competitiveness is focus on how to improve your productivity and save costs. Efficiency is what we make the judgement. High automation of production machinery and high degree of automatic management became the main source of such improvement. How does industrial automation work in the […]