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Maybe your business is still in its infancy, or maybe you haven’t made any plans to invest in large-scale packaging equipment like a pallet stretch wrapper. But do you feel a sense of pressure and passivity when faced with the task of pallet wrapping and packaging that needs to be repeated every day? Yes, when the cargo throughput is low and the liquidity is small, manually engaging in manual pallet wrapping is a fact that we must face. But, what can we do to reduce the huge workload and inevitable labor injuries (such as low back pain, arm muscle soreness, etc.) caused by manually wrapping pallets? Having said that, I would like to introduce to you our protagonist today – the stretch film dispenser which is also called as stretch wrap dispenser.

Stretch Film Dispensers Make It Easier to Apply Stretch Film to Palletized Goods

pallet stretch wrap dispenser-min

When wrapping palletized goods, the greater the tension of the stretch film, the better the packaging effect. Strong tension can make the package tighter and improve the loadability to protect goods from weather or dust during transportation and stabilize the load. The manual pallet wrap dispenser allows you to adjust the film tension and have better control over your manual pallet stretch film when wrapping pallets.

This handheld manual pallet wrap dispenser is made of steel with an aluminum base. It features a roller bearing design for tension control and even packaging. The base stabilizer provides additional stability when the dispenser is placed upright.

The top of the stretch wrap dispenser acts as a braking mechanism, tightening the film as it comes off the roll, which causes the film to stretch. Our dispensers fit any size of manual pallet wrap use stretch film, suitable for paper core inner diameter from 50mm to 76mm.

More to Offer

stretch film end plugs-min

End plugs are small plastic plugs inserted into the core of small narrow stretch film rolls that allow the roll to rotate in the operator’s hands. End plugs are the least expensive form of stretch wrap dispenser; the operator uses their thumb and fingers to act as a braking mechanism, applying pressure to the roll to impart tension to the stretch film.