Pile Turner

Cheap pile turner machine made in China

This pile turner machine is a multi functional machine for printing industry. This machine is available to perform for cleaning the paper stacks and aliging the pile for preparation before printing. Also it can be used to exchange the pallets between wooden pallets and system pallets.

Features of the machine:

  • Used to exchange the wooden shipping pallets to plastic system pallets;
  • Air blowing function to remove the inpurity inside the paper piles;
  • Aligning the paper pile by vibration, make it ready to feed to the feeder;
  • Used to upend the whole paper pile for double side printing;
  • Suitable for different pallets and variant paper material and paper sheets.

Machine’s parameter:

Max load2500Kg
Pile dimension560*360mm-1700*1200mm
Jaw opening760-1920mm
Working speed2-3.5 min/pile
Power supply380V, 50Hz, 3Ph/customized

Video of this machine: