Online Pallet Inverter

O shape Online pallet inverter

This is a pass through type online pallet inverter machine, an automatic pallet turning and changing line with a drum shape turn over body and large chamber to contain large and heavy loads on pallet and skid. Flexible to integrate with other production machines.

Features of the machine:

  • 180 degree turn over, top press platen to press the load inside the chamber;
  • Fully automatic working mode and control system, reduce the needed labour costs;
  • Automatic conveying system dealing with the load transferring, turn over……;
  • Machine’s turn over motion driven by electrical motor with chain and sprocket;
  • Guardrail is adopted surround the machine to prevent aliens to get inside the dangerous zone.

Machine’s parameter:

Max load1/2/3 tons
Pallet dimension800*800/1200*1200/customized
Pallet height1000-1500mm/customized
Turn over speed40-50 sec/time
Power supply380V, 50Hz, 3Ph/customized

Video of this machine: