Turntable Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Cheap semi-automatic turntable pallet pre-stretch wrapping machine

The turntable pallet stretch wrapping machine is an economical pallet pre-stretch wrapping machine which affordable to most users and have high cost-effectiveness. The pre-stretch function of this machine can greatly reduce the costs of packaging material by extending the film from 1 meter to 2-3 meters, and it also makes the wrapping tighter and nicer.

Features of the machine:

  • High load ability of the turntable to bear heavy weight over 2 tons;
  • Pre-stretching function enables the machine to make tighter wrapping and saves more stretch film;
  • Automatic sensoring by photoelectricity to detect the loads and induct the top of the loads;
  • Improves the wrapping speed and work efficiency, saves labour costs for owners;
  • Avoid the possible back injuries for the workers as there is no bending needed.

Machine’s parameter:

Pallet dimension80*800-1200*1200mm/Customized
Wrapping height2000/2400/2800mm
Max load2 tons
Stretch film rollID: 76mm, Width: 500mm
Pre-stretch ratio250%/300%
Turntable speed12rpm

Video of this machine: