Special Rotary Arm Wrap Machine with Single Column

Things you need to know about end-of-line-packaging

The single-column rotary arm wrapping machine is distinguished from the traditional gantry-type rotary arm wrapping machine. The traditional rotary arm wrapping machine is fixed by a frame composed of four columns, and uses a top slewing support structure to drive the suspension and rotary arm to rotate to achieve stretch […]

Newly designed shrink wrapper packing beverage

beverage bottles shrink wrap packaging machine-min

The working process of the sleeve-type automatic shrink wrapping machine is composed of three parts: the mechanical system, the electrical system, and the air system. This machine is a relatively newly designed packaging equipment among the sleeve-type sleeve film sealing and cutting heat shrink packaging machines. This shrink wrapper is […]

Warehousing Problems and Solutions

Online fully automatic pallet packing solution consisted of pallet wrapper and pallet inverter

Maximizing efficiency and keeping up with modern technology both present challenges to today’s warehousing operations. Common warehousing problems lead to poor performance and incur avoidable costs. Problem 1: Difficulty with Vertical Reach for WorkersWarehouse issues can include adjustments required for height—requiring workers to bend over or hyperextend themselves to perform […]