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At present, when there are more and more manufacturers of stretch film wrapping machines in the market, some of them have very low prices, and some of them have simple structures. Many people don’t know how to choose, and they don’t understand the difference between these. Next, Emanpack will take you to understand what advantages the our equipment has compared to other equipment in the market.

The most important point is that many stretch film wrapping machines on the market still have a semi-automatic structure. Semi-automatic means that the film loading and film breaking operations need to be performed manually, which affects the efficiency of the packaging and the cost, and the efficiency of this form of winding is now and has slowly been unable to keep up with the factory’s production speed. The Emanpack automatic intelligent series stretch film wrapping machine adopts a fully automatic film breaking device. After the forklift puts the goods on the turntable, press the pneumatic button on the remote control to start winding. After completion, the device will automatically cut the film. And clamp it, just need a forklift to fork off the goods. This type of automatic film breaking is a patented design of us, which is also different from other brands.

Automatic stretch film machine

The second is the remote Internet of  module. Each of our machine is equipped with an unlimited Internet of Things module. Through the module, the user can know the operation of the equipment at any time; and in the event of a failure, our engineer can also check after obtaining the customer’s authorization. Troubleshoot and overhaul the equipment program. This function is of great significance in the era of Internet of Everything, which is not available in other brands.

The last is the warranty and after-sales service. For standard turntable machines, we can guarantee unconditional return and exchange within one month and a 12-month warranty. This can effectively prevent customers from using or discarding them after purchasing unsuitable equipment, causing waste.

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