Things you need to know about end-of-line-packaging

Manage the workers who are doing package:

The packaging workers are only focus on the packaging, and orders need to be picked and finished in time. No such things of filling in blanks or doing other bodies’s jobs….

We need to make sure everyone know what are their responsibility and what they need to manage. In this ways, we can keep our end-of-line-packaging facility in a high speed running condition and generate more, finish all the work in time without delay.

Arrange the packaging machines effectively:

We need to arrange the packaging machines according to the scientific rules and methods. Basically, every machine should focus on one or certain products which has the fixed sizes and dimensions. This will avoid the time wasted for re-adjusting the packaging machines and replacing the packaging materials. Making each end-of-line packaging line simpler is the ideal choice to improve the capacity of the packaging lines.

Have the regular check of the material stored on the packaging machine:

Most machines we are using are fast automated machines with less human operation or assistance. For this kind of machines, workers need to have a regular check of the packaging material left on the machine and add more to make it stored just in case there is a shortage.

If the machine has running out of packaging material, there could be a long time break due to the reloading of the packaging materials  and lots of products will be wasted in the mean time.

More automated line:

The picking and stacking of the products is the most labor intensive work in the warehouse. But we might can optimize this if the process is automated and integrated. The automatic palletizer can help us to make the stack of bottles, cases, bags….. and the integrated line can really free the labor and doing the operation without any manual assistance.


The end-of-line packaging still has lots of details and problems need us to pay attention and solve them. We need to keep our products maintain a steady and sustained process. Break the bottlenecks of the end-of-line-packaging can really helps us to increase our packaging capacity which will result into your shipping speed. Invest on some kind of large and automatic packaging machine such as the rotary arm pallet wrapping machine can be crucial to your end-of-line-packaging.