Comparison of manual wrapping and machine wrapping in large factory

With the rapid development of the industry, many product manufacturers are now facing a problem of manual packaging and machine packaging. Which type of packaging can really save costs from the root cause? Here is an example from the cost maybe:

The usual specification of the factory stretch film is 0.50m wide, and the packaging cost according to the standard cargo packaging volume is (1.0mⅹ1.0mⅹ1.0m). When the number of wrapping layers is calculated as 2 layers + stacking amount, it is in the unstretched state Next, need to stretch the film 24.0m. original film. (The original film refers to the unstretched film)

Here is an example:
When manually stretched packaging: 1m original film can be stretched to 1.2m, such as packaging the above items need 20.0m original film.
When machine-wrapped packaging; the stretch ratio of the machine-used film is 300%, that is, the original film of 1m length can be stretched to 3m, just like the original film of 8.0 m for packaging. The film per meter is about 0.0125kg, and the current market price per kilogram is 14.5 yuan (machine used film and hand used film are almost the same price, but the quality of machine film is better than hand film)
The costs under the two operation modes are as follows:
Manual packaging cost=20mⅹ0.0125kgⅹ14.5yuan/kg=3.62yuan

Machine packaging cost=8mⅹ0.0125kgⅹ14.5yuan/kg=1.45yuan

Prove according to the above two calculation results:

The cost of machine wrapping film packaging is about half of the manual cost. The more membranes used, the greater the cost of membranes saved.

2. The packaging of the winding packaging machine is more beautiful and beautiful than manual packaging; it improves the external image of the company’s products and at the same time enhances the image of the company. Improve export value-added and export competitiveness;

3. Now with the increase of labor costs, facing the problem of right recruitment, wrapping packaging machine packaging can improve work efficiency, save labor time, reduce labor intensity, and reduce packaging costs than manual packaging. The product is produced and can be transported in the shortest and most effective time. This is another major advantage of machine packaging. One of the manifestations of enterprise competition is to save customers the time for product transactions.
Manual packaging wastes a lot of manpower and material resources. At the same time, the tightness of the packaging is uneven, which makes it easier to smash.

The development of an enterprise requires logistics equipment. If an enterprise wants to develop more standardized, modern product packaging equipment is indispensable. The transportation of products is a relatively important link that every enterprise has to face. Good packaging can reduce the loss of goods to the greatest possible extent for the company’s products during product transportation, and reduce the operating costs of the company’s product transportation.