Flow packaging machine for trays
Flow packaging machine for trays
Flow packaging machine for trays

Main Performance And Structure Features:

  • For Stable Performance: Dual inverters controller, upgradable PLC system, self-failure diagnosis, double encoder.
  • For Easy Operation: Touch screen monitor, independant temperature PID controller,
  • For Adapability: one set of machine can be applicated to different kind of product via optional devices, such as air-filling device, feeding line, date printer, etc.de.

Packing Vegetables / Fruits with Tray or without Tray.


Leafy Vegetables:arugula,brussels sprouts,cabbage,collard greens,curly chicory,dandlion greens,kale,lettuces,mache,mustard greens, nettles,purslane,red cabbage,spinach,watercress,etc

Bulb Vegetables:leeks,onions,shallots,scallion,etc

Stalk Vegetables:asparagus,celery,fennel bulbs,swiss chard,etc


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