pallet packer

Semi-automatic turntable pallet stretch wrapping machine with PLC control and frequency converters

Machine features:

PLC control system, photoelectricity for sensoring, automatic control system.

Turntable withstand heavy loads and capacity.

Motor speed controlled and protected by frequency converters.

Film carriage move upwards and downwards driven by motor.

Pre-stretch ratio for 250%/300%, make tighter package and save more packing material.

Top press platen could be added for keeping the goods stationary.

Customization are allowed, for instance, making large turntable or higher mast.

An economical pallet wrapper for small business owners and places with limited space.

Machine parameter:

Turntable diameter: 1650mm/1800mm/2000mm

Machine height: 2400mm/2800mm

Wrapping height: 2000mm/2400mm

Max load: 2000kg/3000kg

Max pallet size: W 1200mm * H 1200mm

Turntable rotation speed: 12rpm

Film carriage move speed: 0-3m/min

Machine dimension: L 2620mm * W 1820mm * H 900mm

Machine weight: 650kg

Power output: 1.2kw

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