stretch wrapping machine
It’s a modern world, but still we need to do some simple and boring work, just like wrapping a pallet. How backward it is? It’s a waste of labor and resource, isn’t it?
However, by the lasted technology, all these chores could be down by a machine without any assistance of human. The lasted pallet stretch wrapper is equipped with programmable PLC, automatic system can controls the machine to finish all the steps by it self. Photoelectricity detects the height just like a human eye. How great is that? Shouldn’t we call this amazing?
No, not just these benefits. Survey shows by using this automatic wrapping machine, 90% back injuries are minimized as there is no need for the workers to bend to wrap by hands.

The machine also helps bosses save their costs on packing material. The pre-stretch function which will stretch a 1m PE stretch film to 2.5m or even 3m, which could be a huge amount of reduction of packing material consumption. The pre-stretched wrapping also could be much tighter and tidy than hand wrapping, decrease the risks of goods damage during transporting and warehousing.

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