The pallet handling equipments can be crucial to the warehouse management due to the common forms of pallet stocking and transfering. How to protect and manage the goods which on pallets, need us to have good packing machines and accessory equipments.

The stretch wrapping machine is an efficient pallet packer to wrap goods by stretch film also known as stretch wrap. The strength of this machine compare to manual wrapping is the pre-stretch function. This allows workers use less wrapping material to pack more pallets with higher tension.

The stretch wrapped pallets are less easy to scatter during the transportation and avoid the damages from dust, rain, moisture………
Pallet changing machine is also important for warehousing as many goods have this need for changing pallets when sending out. Ecept that, the pallet changer also could reduce huge work when changing one or few broken pieces, because the workers do not need to unload the goods by using the pallet tipper to flip the whole 180 degrees.

In cold chain, meat processing plant and frozen food industries, the pallet inverter is also useful for removing the freezer spacers. Because the turnover action is also to shake the goods which will make the cartons and freezer spacer to scatter and easy to take out the freezer spacers.