stretch film packaging machine

In the actual production process, due to improper operation, improper maintenance or quality problems of the equipment itself, the stretch film packaging machine will inevitably have some more or less problems or failures. How to correctly predict and detect the cause of the fault, and how to take effective measures to repair the fault? EMANPACK gives you a brief summary of some small experiences.

1. First of all, when the stretch film pallet packaging machine fails, the maintenance personnel can distinguish and judge from the following aspects:

2. Observe the situation of the faulty part and the working mode of the parts;
3. Smell, too high temperature may cause parts to burn out, judge whether the relevant parts of the machine emit a suspicious smell through the sense of smell;
4. Listen to the sound and identify the location of the abnormal sound.
5. Touch to judge whether the temperature of the body and the vibration frequency and amplitude of the machine are normal by touching.

EMANPACK also summarized several common faults of the stretch film packaging machine, as well as simple treatment methods:

1. When the equipment is just started, the operator first needs to check whether the external power supply is turned on, then power on again, and secondly check whether the internal power supply is turned on.

2. When the turntable of the stretch film packaging machine does not rotate, first check whether the inverter is burned out. If not, check the parameter settings of the inverter. If there is a problem, reset it.

3. When the membrane frame is moving and running, check the degree of lubrication between the inner and outer chains of the chain, add a proper amount of mechanical oil, or tighten the chain to eliminate it.

4. When the turntable slows down or slips, open the turntable motor cover, loosen the four connecting bolts on the deceleration mounting plate, then adjust the two tension bolts clockwise to achieve the required tension, and tighten the four connecting bolts.

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