PET strap belt for pallet strapping

Do you know the advantages of PET plastic-steel straps? Do you know what fields it can be used in and what functions it can achieve? If you have not fully understood these, then you are blessed. Today, we will share with you the advantages of PET plastic-steel straps that you don’t know about. Here you will fully understand the salient features of plastic-steel straps. And applications, we will share with you the advantages of plastic-steel straps from 5 aspects below.

(1) Strong tensile strength, not only has the tensile strength of steel belt, but also has the ductility to resist impact, which can ensure the safety of product transportation.

(2) The elongation is small, and the elongation is only one-sixth of the polypropylene tape, which can maintain the tension for a long time.

(3) Strong temperature resistance, melting point of 260 degrees, no deformation when used below 120 degrees.

(4) The safety is good, there is no risk of rusting the steel belt and polluting the tied objects, and the color is bright and can be discerned.

(5) Good economic benefits. The length of 1 ton of PET strapping belt is equivalent to 6 tons of steel belt, and the unit price per meter is more than 40% lower than that of steel belt, which can reduce costs for users.

Through the above introduction, do you have a more in-depth understanding of PET plastic-steel packing belts? As a cost-effective packaging material, PET plastic steel strapping will be more and more widely used in the future. It’s becoming more and more popular to be used in the strapping area by the PET baler machines.

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