It’s very unbelievable to connect a pallet wrapping machine with medical bills as one linked subject. Even weird to think about it. But there are really some hidden linkage of these two subjects.

A lot of workers may have the experience of wrapping the goods which are loaded on a wooden or plastic pallet. The huge mess is a really hard job for most people, even if you are tall and strong. Because, these goods are stacked well and very tall in height. If you wrap the pallet manually, you might need to carry the heavy stretch wrap roll walk around the pallets for many rounds. For weak people, this work might even could make them faint.

It’s can be fine if you only wrap one pallet a day, but what if it’s 10 or even 30 pallets a day? That’s a pain jog which we won’t want to think about it. There are survey shows that workers who are responsible for pallet wrapping has a high rate of back injuries and muscle injuries. Because, they need to constantly or frequently bend their body while carrying a heavy load. And, if you want to make a better and tighter package, you even need to put more energy to make a higher tension.

These injuries will directly lead to a medical bill which will be paid by the company and besides there are extra days for the injured workers to rest.

But if we purchase a pallet wrapper, it not just increase our packing speed, but also freed our workers from the heavy work. As a result, these injuries will not happen and the medical bills are just something which never appears.