Cheap pile turner machine made in China

What is a pile turner?
Pile turner is a kind of handling equipment which practitioners in printing and converting industries must to have.

Pile turners are designed for turning and moving palletized paper, paper sheets, corrugated cardboard stacks and piles with different dimensions, weights and forms or shapes, it’s the main purpose of invention of this handling equipment. The machine is able to lift the paper stacks, piles and rotate the piles afterwards with its hydraulic power supplying system. The traditional handling way is to flip the paper stacks manually, little by little. Which is a time consuming and tough, tiring work. But now it’s totally replaced by pile turner machine.

Except to turn the piles and replace with a new pallets, more users are using the pile turner to remove impurities between paper and flip the paper stacks in order to make double sides printing. This is very common to see in playing cards manufacturing plants.

We offer a full range of pile turners, including mobile pile turners and stationary pile turners. Some can be equipped with air blowing system and vibration system. To better perform as a good equipment for removing the dust between paper sheets, separating the sticked paper layers and aligning the paper piles, make the perfect paper stacks ready to feed into printing machine by feeder.

Pile turner is very flexible, it can be used as a stand-alone equipment or integrated into an automated system with conveying technology. More extra tasks to be completed by using the pile turner in printing and packaging industry can be centering the paper piles on pallets when equipped with a centering device, accelerating the drying process of printed products like cardboards for carton making. Also, it’s doing easy pallet exchange by hand, including replacement of wooden pallets with system pallets.

As the rapid growth of packaging market, printing industry and carboard converting sectors. We expect there can be more users to choose this pile turner machine, and the function of this handling equipment can keep improving.